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Sarah Brightman - Dreamchaser: So long ago, so clear lyrics

Sarah Brightman : Dreamchaser (So long agoo, so clear)


CD 1

       cover from Sarah Brightman : dreamchaser (So long agoo, so clear)
  1 Angel 5:33
  2 One day like this 6:06
  3 Glosoli 6:50
  4 Lento E Largo From Symphony No.3, Op.36 (Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs) 5:39
5 B 612 4:50
6 Breath Me 4:48
7 Ave Maria 5:48
8 Eperdu 5:07
9 A Song Of India 3:26
10 Venus And Mars 4:26
11 Closer 8:09

CD 2

    1   7th heaven   4:23  
  * 2   So long ago, so clear   5:25  

Sarah Brightman (born August 14, 1960) is an English classical crossover soprano, actress, songwriter and dancer.
Her first single was released in: 1978 "I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper".

* only this song contains music of Vangelis.
"So long ago, so clear" is a cover version of the same Jon & Vangelis song, from the "Heaven and Hell album (1975). Composed by Vangelis, lyrics written by Jon Anderson; originally sung by Jon Anderson..
This track only appears as a bonus audio track on a supplementary DVD, with some exclusive editions of the album: Deluxe edition; and Super deluxe edition.

The other lyrics are not included on this page.
Note: Vangelis does not play on this album.


So long ago, so clear lyrics

Once, we did run
How we chased a million stars
and touched as only one can

Once, we did play
How the past delivered you
Amidst our youth we'd dream away, away

As if I knew the words I'm sure you'll hear
Of how we met as you recall so clear

Once, we did love
Long ago how did I forget
Holding you so closely

Look, how I move
Chance would have me glance at you
To know how you move me

Me, all barriers fall around us as we hear
Of memories known and matters long ago, so clear


Once, we did run
How we chased a million stars
And touched as only one can


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