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Melissa Manchester lyrics - Hey Ricky: Race to the end lyrics

 Melissa Manchester: Hey Ricky lyrics

  1    You should hear how she talks about you    4:15        Cover from the Melissa Manchester album "Hey Ricky" lyrics
2 Slowly 3:26
3 Hey Ricky (you're a low down heel) 4:16
4 I'll always love you 3:29
* 5 Race to the end 3:47
6 Wish we were heroes 4:08
7 Come in from the rain 4:20
8 Looking for the perfect ahh 3:13
9 Your place or mine 3:51
10 Someone to watch over me 3:52
Total playing time 39:01

Melissa Manchester (born: February 15, 1951) is an American singer-songwriter and actress.
Hey Ricky is the title of the tenth album release by Melissa Manchester released in April 1982.
Race to the End" - a vocal version of the Chariots of Fire theme - was recorded for single release
1982 single: "Race to the End" b/w Long Goodbyes (Non LP Track)
Her debut album "Home to Myself" was released in 1973.

The song "Race To the End (chariots of fire)", is a vocal version based on the Chariots of Fire main theme: "Titles" from the Vangelis album Chariots of fire.

* Only this song contains music of Vangelis (from the main theme of "Chariots of fire).
Music composed by Vangelis.
Lyrics: Jon Anderson.
Note: Vangelis does not play on this song.
Copyrights is owned by: Spheric B.V.; Tougknot Ltd. and Warner Bros. Music Ltd; ASCAP.

Lyrics taken from sleeve of LP.


Race to the end lyrics

There is but one freedom
Man running along
Each step that he's taking
A step to his soul

The passion and courage
It takes to be there
the spirit of freedom
Alive in the air

Whenever the running man awakes
To challenge to glory,
he knows that he can turn
the key once more to unlock the soul

The way becomes clearer
The way is complete
The need that of winning
Admit no defeat

The circles together
Hold hands to the sky
The freedom of running
The freedom to try

Let no one surround himself with pain
But use it to free him
The game is to learn to live again
A race to the end
To try to the end
The game is to learn to live again
A race to the end


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Lyrics transcribed by Robert Eichelsheim and Henk Engelen.
Thanks to Don Fennimore for the scan of the album sleeve.

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