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Los 5 Musicales lyrics - Lluvia y lágrimas: Rain and tears lyrics

Los 5 Musicales : Lluvia y lágrimas (Rain and tears) lyrics

    1   Salud dinero Y Amor 2:38        cover from Los 5 musicales : Lluvia y lágrimas (Rain and tears) lyrics
  2 Jingle Jangle 2:50
3 Con Su Blanca Palidez 2:51
4 Camino Verde 2:37
5 Viva La Vida 2:35
6 A Donde Vas Compañero 2:18
7 Ayudate A Ti Misma 2:38
8 Cascabeles Sonoros 2:47
9 Cindarella Rockefella 2:38
10 Don Simon 2:41
11 En Las Vacaciones 2:31
    12   Honey   2:47  
    13   La Cancion Del Columpio   2:11  
    14   La Tramontana   2:47  
*   15   Lluvia y lágrimas (Rain and tears)   2:32  
    16   Ojitos Traidores   3:05  
    17   Pata Pata   2:26  
    18   Preguntale El Porque   3:00  
    19   Sunshine   2:52  
    20   Tu Eres La Razon De vivir   3:00  
    21   Uno Tranquilo   3:46  
    22   Vuelvo A Casa   2:52  
    Total playing time 60:01

'Los 5 Musicales' also called: 'Los Cinco Musicales' was a Spanish group.
The group started in 1967 in the studios of TVE Televisión Española in Barcelona, and became one of the most popular and television youth groups of its time and with international projection.
In their live shows they also covered international hits of the moment and musicals, doing many live shows for TV with other songs not included in their discography.

* only this song contains music of Vangelis.
"Lluvia y lágrimas" is a Spanish cover version (with Spanish lyrics from: Alfonso Alpin) of the "Rain and tears" song by Aphrodite's Child (Vangelis) released on the album: End of the world (1968)
The other lyrics are not included on this page.
Note: Vangelis does not play on this album.

Lyrics transcribed from single recording (lyrics not available on sleeve).


Lluvia y lágrimas lyrics (Rain and tears)

  English translation
Una vez, yo te vi llorar
y séque no olvidaré...
Dices que no es verdad,
que sólo fue la lluvia,
y nada más.

¡Lágrimas vi en ti…
Lluvia no fue, lo sé!
Una vez, yo te vi llorar por mí y no lo olvidaré...


¡Perdóname, amor!
¡Perdóname, amor!

Una vez, junto a ti,
el Sol yo vi tus lágrimas (hacer) brillar
Una vez, dulce amor,
te hará el Sol, llorar tu corazón.
Una vez, yo te vi llorar
por mí y no lo olvidaré...

Once , I saw you mourn
and I know I will not forget ...
Say it is not true ,
it was just rain
and nothing else.

Tears I saw in you ...
Rain was not , I know!
Once, I saw you mourn for me and I will not forget ...


Forgive me, love!
Forgive me, love!

Once , with you ,
Sun I saw your tears ( to ) shine
Once, sweet love,
will make you Sun , mourn your heart.
Once, I saw you mourn
for me and I will not forget ...


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