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Vangelis and Montserrat Caballé lyrics - Friends for life lyrics

 Vangelis & Montserrat Cabelle: Friends for life

1   Bohemian rhapsody    5:45        Friends for life (Montserrat Caballé: cover scan)
* 2 March with me 3:45
3 Vision of glory 3:39
4 Ci vorebbe il mare 4:35
5 Chanter pour ceux qui sont .. 4:30
6 One life,one soul 3:55
7 A rose in december 4:33
8 Sailing 4:39
9 Mi amiga rigoberta 4:21
10 Had to be 4:05
11 Friends again 4:21
12 Out of the blue 3:50
13 Love is the key 4:47
* 14 Like a dream 3:21
15 Put the weight on my shoulders 2:40
16 Barcelona 5:38
Total playing time 69:45

Montserrat Caballé  (April 12, 1933 - October 6, 2018) was a legendary Spanish operatic soprano, known for her powerful and expressive voice, as well as her versatility in a wide range of styles and languages. Here are some interesting facts about her:

She began singing at a young age and was trained in both classical and popular music. She made her professional debut in 1956 in Basel, Switzerland, and went on to perform at many of the world's most prestigious opera houses.

One of her most famous performances was in 1987, when she sang with Freddie Mercury of the rock band Queen in a concert held in Barcelona to celebrate the opening of the 1992 Summer Olympics. Their duet of "Barcelona" became a hit single and helped to popularize opera to a new generation of listeners.

Caballé was known for her extensive repertoire, which included roles in operas by Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, and many others. She was also known for her interpretations of Spanish and Catalan folk songs, which she often performed in concerts and recitals.

Throughout her career, Caballé won many awards and honors, including the National Prize for Spanish Culture, the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts, and the Medal of Honor of the Generalitat de Catalunya. She was also made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition to her singing career, Caballé was known for her humanitarian work. She was a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and worked to promote music education and cultural understanding around the world.

Caballé passed away on October 6, 2018, at the age of 85, in Barcelona, Spain. She is remembered as one of the greatest sopranos of all time, and her legacy continues to inspire new generations of opera singers and music lovers around the world.

Vangelis and Montserrat first worked together in 1995, on special and limited edition of the "Foros Timis Ston Greko" album (only sold at the National Gallery museum in Athens, Greece).
This album is later also commercially released in 1998.
In 1997 Montserrat Caballé releases the album: " With all my heart", an album compiled with classical works. The album features one composition by Vangelis: "The prayer".

* only these songs contain music of Vangelis (composed, produced and performed by Vangelis) with lyrics of Montserrat Caballé
The other lyrics are not included on this page
Copyright owned by: BMG Music.

Lyrics of "March with me" taken from the CD-single sleeve. Lyrics of: "Like a dream"  transcribed from CD recording (lyrics not available on sleeve).


March with me lyrics

Come sing with me
for peace and love
my only dream
and wish for the world
Join with me now
and march with me
Love is the word
let's try once again
stop all fights now
and march ...
Let's try once again
to help all mankind
to win those lost hearts
and start this new life
No evil, no guns,
just freedom and peace

No evil, just freedom, no guns,
no evil, just freedom
and march


Like a dream lyrics

Let me feel once more
the moments
of music with you
music and feelings
within it are the moments
that can call my heart
a life full of fantasy

full of joy, like a dream
My shining star is born

let me sing, let me sigh with you
[Let us seal?]
and find the heart
my love
my love of life
my love of my dream


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