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Vangelis and Maria Farantouri lyrics - 17 songs lyrics

Vangelis & Maria Farantouri: 17 songs

1   Caruso   4:50        Cover from: 17 songs : Maria Farantouri & Vangelis (lyrics)
2 San Vicente 4:01
3 Adio querida 2:53
4 Filho 4:01
5 Once upon a summertime 3:46
6 Solo le pido a dios 4:18
7 Sol negro 2:20
* 8 Tora Xero 4:21
9 La canzone del mal di luna 2:54
10 Youkali 5:58
11 I kikni 3:35
12 Wenn ich mir was Wuenschen.. 2:43
13 Nanourisma 3:51
* 14 San Elektra 4:36
15 Sarracini 2:40
16 Esta  montana 3:33
* 17 Odi a 4:23
Total playing time 65:21

Maria Farantouri (Maria Farandouri) (born: November 28, 1947) is a Greek female singer and also a political and cultural activist.
Her first album "Maria Farantouri sings Mikis Theodorakis" was released in 1965.

* only these songs contain music of Vangelis, with lyrics of Michalis Bourboulis.
The other lyrics are not included on this page.

Lyrics taken from the CD booklet.


Tora xero lyrics (Now I know)

I counted my years,
just to find
the holy orbit of the earth

The truth passes us by
and who ever touches it, suffers
Now I know that I am chasing
smoke from a fire gone out

In the garden of the trees that died
I asked children sunday's

Now I know that it'll be heard
the music in the midst of night
A loud [and] insane music
reward of naked times
The city creeps like a/the snake
With eyes that cannot see
it looks at us

Now I know that it can't be
that our life returns

The truth passes us by
and who ever touches it, suffers
Now I know that I am chasing
smoke from a fire gone out


Greek lyrics of Tora Xero:

Greek lyrics of: tora-xero


San elektra lyrics

Once upon a time it was
that the moon started singing
in(to) the water

A ballad from the south
A hymn in the fire
A secret word:
I love you

I love you,
you don't love me
You're floating in another heaven
It's a shame
that I am suffering now
and will live like a witch
Sometimes in the night,
sometimes in the light
With two dark birds in the hair

Oh, my memory,
how you (can) hurt me

When you pass through empty nights
the bed empty
our bedding near
lonely beach
An absolute white(ness)
in the emptiness

Once upon a time it was
In a rainy place
Like Elektra who suffers
And climbed the mountain alone
In the midst of the night,
just to tell you:
Love is the light
I love you!


Greek lyrics of San elektra:

Greek lyrics of san-elektra


Odi a lyrics (Ode to)

Dense are the clouds
and the sun is black
And the day is coming to an end
Edge of loneliness,
dead place
And the world frozen.
I fear the heavy silence,
which extends like shadows around the earth

Small and silent bird of night!
Sleep in the snow!
And in the spring I'll go out in the cities
to become your voice and wind
Far away sound of death
and raging river

Souls that broke up deep in [the] time
your primeval core
march through the abyss,
march through the chaos
and come out in your light
In the sun
rose of fire, of bitterness, ashes,
who speaks:
My soul, remember!


Greek lyrics of Odi a:

Greek lyrics of: odi-a


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