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Vangelis and Irene Papas lyrics - Rapsodies lyrics

 Vangelis and Irene Papas: Rapsodies

*   1    Ti Ipermacho Stratigo    6:51        Cover from Vangelis and Irene Papas album: Rapsodies
2 O! Gliki Mou Ear 8:40
3 Ton Nimfona Sou Vlepo 1:36
* 4 Rapsodia 5:24
5 Tin Oreotita Tis Parthenias Sou 4:39
6 Xristos Anesti 7:20
7 Asma Asmaton 11:14
Total playing time 45:47
* = instrumental

** = Asma Asmation (Song of Songs) is a poetic, modern Greek translation of a portion of the Song of Solomon.Translation of Solomon's poem by Lefteris Papadopoulos
Music arranged, produced en performed (all instruments) by Vangelis
Vocals: Irene Papas
Recorded at NEMO Studio (London), 1986
Sound Engineer: Jess Sutcliffe
Assistant Sound Engineer: John Martin
Orriginal album cover design: Nokos Kostopoulos.

Irene Papas (or Pappas) (born near Corinth as Irini Lelekou (September 3 1929  - September 14, 2022) was a Greek actress and singer with a career spanning more than 50 years!
She performed in many plays and movies. For some of the plays Vangelis provided the score.
Irene Papas sings on the last Aphrodite's Child album "666" (1971) the song 'Infinity' (oo).
The first album they made together was  "Odes". (recorded in 1978).
The second album they made together was  "Rapsodies". (recorded in 1986).

Lyrics transcribed from CD recording (lyrics not available on sleeve or in booklet).



See also the English translation of the greek Rapsodies lyrics

At the end of this file you can find 2 gif files with a scan of the Greek Rapsodies lyrics

The greek transliteration of the lyrics are not in the exact spelling of the Greek words but in their sound; therefore not the usual transliteration of Greek into Greeklish is used, but a rather arbitrary phonetic writing. The consonants are mostly pretty straightforward, the vowels have most of the problems. Here is the convention that is used:

A,a  is pronounced lice u in RUN
G,g   is pronounced like y in YARD only harder; a double "gg" is like the hard g, as is the combination "gk"
D,d   is like th in THIS
E,e  is like e in TEN
th   (theta) is like th in THINK
I,i   is like  "ee" in SLEEP but shorter in length
O,o is like o in MORE
X,x  is Chi, like a Kh.
Ou    is pronounced like "oo" in MOON, all other combinations of vowels  should be read separately.


O! gliki mou ear lyrics

Eranan ton tafon
e mirofori mira
lian proi elthouse.

thrinon sinekini
i panagnos sou Mitir,
Sou, Loge, nekrothentos.

Anekrazen i kori
thermos dakriroousa
ta splagxna kentoumeni
-Oh, gliki mou ear
glikitaton mou teknon
pou edi sou to kalos?

e genee pase
imno tin tafin sou
doksazousin, [kale mou]

-Oh, gliki mou ear etc.


Ton nimfona sou vlepo lyrics

Ton nimfona sou vlepo
Sotir mou kekosmimenon
ke endima ouk exo
ina iseltho en afto.
Lamprinon mou tin stolin tis psixis
ke soson me


Tin oreotita tis parthenias sou lyrics

Tin oreotita
tis parthenias sou
ke to iperlampron
tis agnias sou
o Gavriil
eboa si,


Xristos anesti lyrics

Xristos anesti
ek nekron
thanato thanaton patisas
ke tis en tis mnimasin zoin xarisamenos


Greek lyrics

greek lyrics as 
greek lyrics as 

See also the English translation of the greek Rapsodies lyrics


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