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Vangelis and Irene Papas lyrics - Odes lyrics

 Vangelis and Irene Papas: Odes

  1    40 pallikaria    5:14        Odes (Irene Papas)
2 Neranzoula 5:51
* 3 La Danse du Feu 6:03
4 I Kolokotronei 3:16
5 To potami 6:44
* 6 Racines 8:47
7 Miroloi 8:29
8 Menousis 6:37
Total playing time 51:24

* = instrumental (composed by Vangelis)

Arranged, performed and produced by Vangelis
(Greek) Lyrics: Irene papas and Arianna Stassinopoulos.
Based on traditional vocal material (about [among other things] the Greek resistance to the Ottoman Empire in the beginning of the 19th Century).
Background vocals: Loa Paraschou, Sotiris Zalidis, Stathis Zalidis, Kyriacos Kajourakis, Vasilis Kapetaniannis

Engineer: Keith Spencer - Allen
Assisted by Marlis Duncklau
Recorded at Nemo studio London, 1978
Artwork: Vangelis, Alwyn Clayden
Photos: Véronique Skawinska

Copyright owned by: Spheric B.V. Holland

The music of Odes is inspired by and mostly based on traditional Greek folk songs.

Irene Papas (or Pappas) (born near Corinth as Irini Lelekou (September 3 1929 - September 14, 2022) was a Greek actress and singer with a career spanning more than 50 years!
She performed in many plays and movies. For some of the plays Vangelis provided the score.
Irene Papas sings on the last Aphrodite's Child album "666" (1971) the song 'Infinity' (oo).
The first album they made together was "Odes" (recorded in 1978).
The second album they made together was "Rapsodies" (recorded in 1986) .

Lyrics transcribed from CD recording (lyrics not available on sleeve or in booklet).

Sleeve notes by Irene Papas (printed on album sleeve an cd booklet):
Son distillé et poètes anonymes
Essence éternelle d'une ancienne colonne toujours droite
Condensé d'émotions de chaque race et de chaque pays
Chansons de mon enfance
Premier son aimé et chant de ma vie
Hymne aux cycles de la cellule palpitante
Odes à l'humanité
Mémoire collective et art sélectif
Qui survivent aux siècles et traversent l'espace
Chants de temps ancient et nouveaux
Chants à partager
Chants à unir
Racine commune, mortel destin commun
Alors je les ai chantés

Irène Papas
English translation:
His distilled and anonymous poets
Eternal essence of an ancient column that is still straight
Digest of emotions of each race and each country
Songs from my childhood
First loved sound and song of my life
Hymn to the pulsating cell cycles
Odes to humanity
Collective memory and selective art
Who survive centuries and cross space
Songs of old and new times
Songs to share
Singing songs
Common root, deadly common destiny
So I sang them 

Irène Papas



At the end of this file you can find 2 gif files with a scan of the Greek lyrics

The greek transliteration of the lyrics are not in the exact spelling of the Greek words but in their sound; therefore not the usual transliteration of Greek into Greeklish is used, but a rather arbitrary phonetic writing. The consonants are mostly pretty straightforward, the vowels have most of the problems. Here is the convention that is used:

A,a  is pronounced lice u in RUN
G,g   is pronounced like y in YARD only harder; a double "gg" is like the hard g, as is the combination "gk"
D,d   is like th in THIS
E,e  is like e in TEN
th   (theta) is like th in THINK
I,i   is like  "ee" in SLEEP but shorter in length
O,o is like o in MORE
X,x  is Chi, like a Kh.
Ou    is pronounced like "oo" in MOON, all other combinations of vowels  should be read separately.


40 Palikaria lyrics

Saranta palikaria
apo ti Le-, mor' ap' ti Levadia
pane gia na patisoune
tin Trompo- mor' tin Trompolitsa
Sto dromo pou pigenane
geronta, vre geronta apantoun.
-Ora kali sou gero
-Kalos ta ta, kalos ta ta pedia
pou pate, palikaria,
pou pate ores, pou pate ore pedia
-Pame gia na patisoume
tin Trompo- mor' tin Trompolitsa


Neratzoula lyrics

Neratzoula fountomeni
Neratzoula fountomeni
pou 'ne t' anthia sou, neratzoula, pou 'ne t' anthia sou
pou 'ne i poti sou emorfada
pou 'n' ta kali sou, neratzoula, pou 'n' ta kali sou.
Fisikse vorias ki ageras
Fisikse vorias ki ageras
ke ta tinakse, neratzoula, ke ta tinakse
Se parakalo voria mou
Se parakalo voria mou
fisa tapina, neratzoula, fisa tapina


La danse du feu (sleeve notes:  Irene papas and Arianna Stassinopoulos)

Danse, danse
Tourmoie dans l'espace, avec l'espace.
Au-delà de l'espace
Tes racines enforcées dans la terre, momtent jusqu'au ciel.
Seule, éternelle, danse
Danse les années, les siècles de passion humaine.
Danse au pouls de la terre
Spirale jusqu'au fond du ciel
Tes pas sont ceux de ta mère et de ton père
Mais tes pieds sont à toi
Ici, maintenant, insiste, persiste.
Danse la danse du feu
English translation:
Dance, dance
Swirls in space, with space.
Beyond space
Your roots in the ground, stretch to the sky.
Alone, eternal, dance
Dance the years, the centuries of human passion.
Dance to the pulse of the earth
Spiral to the bottom of the sky
Your steps are those of your mother and your father
But your feet are yours
Here, now, insist, persist.
Dance the fire dance


I kolokotronei lyrics

Ore, lampi o ilios sta vouna
lampi ke sta lagkadia
-n- etsi lampi, ore lampi, ki i kleftouria ton Kolokotroneon
po 'xoun t'asi, ore po 'xoun t'asimia ta polla
tis asimenies pales
-n- afti den ka ore afti den katadexontai ti gi na tin patisoun
kavala pan, ore kavala pan stin eklisia
kavala proskinane
kavala pe, ore kabala pern' antidoro ap' tou papa to xeri
-n- afti den ka ore afti den katadexontai ti gi na tin patisoun

(note: the -n- and the "ore" are meaningless sounds here, and the re- petitions around "ore" often split a word in the middle, as in the case of "asimia"


To potami lyrics

Potame, tzanem potame mou, xai xai Potame, tzanem potame mou, xai xai potame, potame mou otan girizis ke varis ke varis ke kymatizis pare me, tzanem potame mou, xai xai pare me, tzanem potame mou, xai xai pare me, pare me sta kimata sou sta klothogirismata sou Potame, tzanem potame mou, xai xai Potame, tzanem potame mou, xai xai


Racines | The roots (sleeve notes:  Irene papas and Arianna Stassinopoulos)

Espace, Souvenirs, bergers et rêves,
murmures de la plante qui pousse
cigales et libellules.
Le son des lèvres, aimées, des mères, des amants:
la racine du souffle.
l'attente tremblante de l'âme.
les ailes d'Hephaistos, coquelicots dans les blés de Pâques
Les cordes d'Apollon, ruisseaux argentés et ancienne rosée..
Et Vangelis se souvient...
English translation:
Space, Memories, shepherds and dreams,
whispers of the growing plant
cicadas and dragonflies.
The sound of lips, loved ones, mothers, lovers:
the root of the breath.
the trembling expectation of the soul.
the wings of Hephaistos, poppies in the Easter wheats
The strings of Apollo, silver streams and ancient dew.
And Vangelis remembers ...


Miroloi lyrics

-Aspri varkoula tou psara
giati ise stolismeni?
-I mana tou, I mana tou, me stolise
sti mavri gis me stelnei
-Mi me skepazis, ourane
mi me plakonis xoma
giati ego, giati ego, de xarika
ta niata mou akoma
-Pios ouranos
pia thalasa
pia vrisi de tholoni?
Pia mana xa-, pia mana
xanei to pedi
ki lipi den ti lioni
pia mana xani to pedi
ki o ponos den ti lioni

(Note: "Lipi" means sorrow, "Ponos" means pain, so the several repetitions at the end say the same thing with different word, hence my omission in the English)



Menousis lyrics

O Menousis, o Mpirmpilis ki o Memet agas
sto krasopoulo pigenan
gia na fan na pioun.
Ki pou trogan
ki pou pinan
ki pou glentagan
kapios epiase kouventa
gia tis omorfes.

-Omorfi gineka pou' xis, vre Memet aga
-Pou tin ides?
Pou tin kseris
ke ti mologas?
- Xthes tin ida
sto pigadi
ki evgaze nero

ke tis zitisa filaki
ke mou to' dose.

O Menousis, methismenos,
pai tin esfakse.
To proi,
pai tin eklapse

- Siko, papia m',
siko, xina m',
siko ki alakse,
na se doun ta palikaria
ke na xeronte.


Greek Odes lyrics

greek lyrics gif
greek lyrics gif


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