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Costas Ferris general information

Film, TV, stage and multimedia director, script, play, book and lyric writer, cinema and music producer, publisher, editor and sometimes… a singer, winner of the Silver Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival 1984 for his film "Rembetiko", inner of more than 30 Greek and International awards, member of the European Academy of Film and Television, an old-time revolutionary, here is the most controversal director in Greek Cinema.

  • Member of the European Film Academy
  • Silver Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival, 1984
  • Special Jury Award at the Valencia Film Festival, 1984
  • Grand Prix at the Alexandria Film Festival, 1984
  • President of the Jury at the Balkan Film Festival, 1981
  • President of the Jury at the Alexandria Film Festival, 1996
  • Member of the Board of the European Script Fund (London, 1996-1997)
  • Member of the Board of the Greek Directors Society (repeatedly, for many years)
  • Member of the Greek Playwright Society, S.A.D. France, SACEM France.
  • Represents Greece at the FERA (Federation of European Directors)

Born April 18 1935 in Cairo Egypt, Costas Ferris is of Greek, Cypriot and Lebanese (the Lahoud family) origins. He had an international education, based mostly on his Hellenic background.Costas Ferris (2003)  reciting in public a friend's poems

Resident in Greece since 1957, he has worked as assistant director on more than 60 feature films. Among the directors he has assisted are: Michael Cacoyiannis, Nicos Koundouros, Takis Kanellopoulos, Andrew Marton, James Neilson, Edouard Molinaro, Pierre Kast, Richard Sarafian, Robert Aldrich, Laszlo Benedeck, Richard Wilson etc.

In 1961, he directed his first short film, and became (opposed to Theo Angelopoulos) one of the two intellectual leaders of the rising New Greek Cinema.

During his exile in Paris, 1967-1973, he worked in close collaboration with the French director Jean-Daniel Pollet. Amongst his other contacts during this period, were Volker Schloendorf, Werner Herzog, Barbet Schroeder, Nicholas Ray, Samuel Fuller, Ruy Guerra, Anatole and Pascale Dauman etc.

Since his return to Greece in 1973, he has directed 9 serials, approximately 150 hours playing time for Greek Television, and more than 120 hours of musical programs, documentaries, education and research films etc.

Journalist, critic, book and lyric-writer, playwright and scriptwriter, editor, producer, film and television director, stage director, multimedia director, film-direction teacher, actor and sometimes...a singer, Costas Ferris is working at this moment on several projects, simultaneously!

He writes and creates in English, French, Italian and Greek, and speaks Arabic.

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Costas Ferris feature films

"ENAS DELICANIS" (Crazy Blood) (1963)
Directed by the author, Manolis Skouloudis
Costas Ferris is referred as "technical advisor to the director"
Costas Kazakos is referred as "dialogue director"
The story of a young Cretan Casanova

"MERIKES TO PROTIMOUN KHAKI" (Some girls like it in khaki) (1965)
A comedy based on the play "Les 28 jours de Clairette" by Courteline

"I FONISSA" (The Murdress) (1974)
Based on the famous novel by Alexander Papadiamandis

"PROMITHEAS SE DEUTERO PROSSOPO" (Prometheus second person singular) (1975)
Based on the Prometheus trilogy by Aeschylus Theogony by Hesiod
and the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

"DYO FENGARIA TON AVGOUSTO" (Double Moon in August) (1978)
Based on "White Nights" by Dostoievsky

"REMBETIKO" (1983)
The story of a famous "rembetiko" woman singer, 1917 to 1956
This film has been voted in the Internet Movie Database, as "The most popular greek film by average votes" (1/1/2000).

"OH BABYLON", (1988)
An inverted view of "Bacchae" by Euripides

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Costas Ferris TV

Director for Television: Serials:

"THE MERCHANTS OF THE NATIONS" (1973-1974) 52 episodes
after Alexander Papadiamandis, music by Stavros Xarhakos

"VIOLET CITY" (1975) 30 episodes
after Angelos Terzakis, music by Stavros Logarides

"HELEN OF THE DONKEYS" (1976) 26 episodes
script by Dimitris Ravanis

"LOVE AND REVOLUTION" (1978) 6 episodes
script by Stavros Xarhakos

"MURDER IN PSYCHICO" (1979) 20 episodes
after Pavlos Nirvanas

"THE ZARDI FAMILY" (1982) 14 episodes
after Costas Hadziargyris, music by Stavros Logarides

"APODRASSI" (Escape) (1985) 13 episodes
script by Vassilis Manoussakis, music by Thesia Panayiotou

"REMBETIKO" (1985) 3 hours
the mini-series version of the feature film

"THE KAITY GRAY STORY" (1997) 7 episodes
music by Thesia Panayiotou

Director for Television: Documentaries:

"BACKSTAGE" (1975-1978) 6 documentaries about Tsitsanis, Xylouris, Melina etc.
"MAKARON GHI, THESSALONIKI" (1975) documentary

"IN MACEDONIA" (1976) 6 documentaries

"FROM IMPROVISATION TO 3 MINUTES" (1977) documentary

"XENAKIS POLYTOPON" (1978) fiction-documentary

"TSITSANIS" (1985) 4 hour documentary about the famous musician>

"CRUCIFICTION-RESURRECTION" (1986) fiction-documentary

"ROCK AROUND THE FILMS" (1990) "rockumentary" about the 60s, 14 hours

Director for Television: Music shows and others:

 "THE CONGRESS OF ANIMALS" (1982) ecological musical fairy-tale in video-art

"CLAQUETTE" (1986) 6 cinema lessons

"OPEN TO THE PUBLIC" (1989) theatrical musical revue series, 13 hours

"COME INTO THE LIGHT" (1990 co-directed with Minos Volanakis) theatrical musical series 13 h.

"COME TO THOMAS" (1991) musical research for the rembetiko music, 13 hours

"SIGNS OF THE TIMES" (1992) 24 one-hour talk shows


"FILMS AND MUSIC" (2001) 12 episodes

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Costas Ferris as Script-Writer

"LE SANG" (1972) a film by Jean-Daniel Pollet
Co-scriptwriters Serge Ouaknine and Jean-Daniel Pollet

"EXILE ON MAIN AVENUE" (1979) a film by Nicos Zervos.
(Costas Ferris also edited and co-produced the film, in which he played the leading role).

"THE LAWYERS OF ATHENS" (1995) 12 episode serial, directed by Costas Mazanis

He also wrote the scripts for his films and TV programs:

"I FONISSA" (+ Dimos Theos)
"DYO FENGARIA TON AVGOUSTO" (+ Georges Skourtis)
"REMBETIKO" The film and the mini-series (+ Sotiria Leonardou)
"OH BABYLON" (The first version was written in collaboration with Serge Ouaknine)








Book and Lyric Writer, Stage Director, Playwright

"EROTIC VITAMINES" by Georges Roussos (On tour in Germany, 1965)

"L'OPERA DES OISEAUX" (Opera, staged 1971, at the Opera de Lyon)
Music by Antoine Duhamel. Co-writers: C.F. and Serge Ouaknine
Also directed on stage by Costas Ferris and collaborators

"666" (Rock Oratorio by Vangelis Papathanassiou, 1971)
Aphrodites Child, Irene Papas etc. Vertigo & Mercury Records
Costas Ferris wrote the concept, book and lyrics, and co-produced (uncredited) with Vangelis

"AKRITAS" (Rock Dance Suite, music by Stavros Logarides and Aris Tassoulis, 1973)
Concept, book and lyrics, and (uncredited) co-producer, with George Fassolas.

"REMBETIKO" (On stage, Summer 1991)
Also directed at the Smaroula theater.

Theatre1.jpg (45554 bytes)

the 2nd musical version of the play, on tour

"FIRE", (Opera by George Sicilianos, 1994)
Staged by Costas Ferris at the National Opera Company of Greece

"FOUR LADIES" (Gray, Panou, Linda, Constandina), 1994
Staged at the Diogenis Night Club

"ONIRIC HELLAS" (Musical Show, by Thesia Panayiotou, 1995-1996)
Staged at the Old Diogenis Night Club

"THE CHILDREN OF POSEIDON", (Musical Program, 1997-1998)
Staged at the "Nissiotika" Night Club

Staged at the Diogenis Night Club

An Athenean Revue, written and directed by C.F.

"REMBETIKO" (The Musical, music by Thesia Panayiotou, 1999-2000)
The definite version, which he also directed at the Municipal Theatre of Rhodes

"CAFÉ-AMAN" (Musical Show, 2001-2002)
Programmed and Staged at the Asteria Night Club

Costas Ferris has written the lyrics for many songs in English, French and Greek, composed by Vangelis, Antoine Duhamel, Claude Ciari, Tuca, Stavros Xarhakos, Stavros Logarides, Stelios Vamvakaris, Lucas Sideras, Thesia Panayiotou and others. A number of his lyrics are included in the College Anthology, published by the Ministry of Education


"REMBETIKO" published by "Livanis-Nea Synora" (2000)

journalist and film critic:

color="#000000">Daily "Paroikos", in Cairo (1954-1956)
Daily "Messimvrini" (1980-1983)
and many monthly magazines

Publisher of monthly magazine "Meteikasma" (After Image).

Co-Publisher of monthly magazine "Cine 7"

television presenter:

"ARTISTIC CAFÉ" (1985-1987) 102 hours

"ROCK AROUND THE FILMS" (1990) 14 hours

"FILMS AND MUSIC" (2001) 12 episodes

cinema teacher:

Fotinos-Kalkani Cinema School (1963-1966)

Hatzikou Film School (1985-1989)


On record (various collaborations)

"666" by Vangelis Papathanassiou

"AKRITAS" by Stavros Logaridis and Aris Tassoulis

"SOUNDTRACKS" by Stamatis Spanoudakis

"PROSSECHOS" soundtracks by Stavros Logaridis

"THE ZARDI FAMILY" soundtrack by Stavros Logaridis

"REMBETIKO" soundtrack by Stavros Xarhakos

"APODRASSI" (Escape) soundtrack by Thesia Panayiotou

"OH BABYLON" soundtrack, by Thesia Panayiotou

"COME TO THOMAS" by Thesia Panayiotou

"ONIRIC HELLAS" by Thesia Panayiotou

"THE REMBETIKO AT THOMAS’ DEN" (6 CDs Box) by Thesia Panayiotou

"CAFÉ-AMAN" Live (4 CDs Box)

"REMBETIKO, THE MUSICAL" by Thesia Panayiotou


On preparation

 "Children on the Nile" feature film (shootings scheduled on November 2002)

"Panorama" a Greek Musical Presentation

"Zozomania" Operetta

"Rembetiko Song of the Greeks"
A Book and a Multimedia CD-Rom Rembetiko Encyclopedia

"kino.log.icon" (L’ Unique et son Double)
A general theory about the language of cinema

"REMBETIKO The Musical"
is being staged at the HAIFA MUNICIPAL THEATRE
Premiere: April 11, 2002


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