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 Vangelis discography: Odyssey the definitive collection

  1    Pulstar 5:24        Cover from: Odyssey : The definitive collection
2 Hymn 2:43
3 Chariots of fire 3:31
4 Missing 3:57
5 Love theme from Blade runner 4:54
6 End titles from Blade runner 4:10
7 The tao of love 2:19
8 Theme from Antarctica 3:52
9 Theme from Cavafy 2:49
10 Opening titles from Mutiny on the Bounty 3:52
** 11 Conquest of Paradise 6:08
12 La petite fille de la mer 5:54
13 L'enfant 4:57
14 Anthem - Fifa world cup 2002 2:58
15 Celtic dawn 4:06
16 Movement 1 from Mythodea 5:23
* 17 I'll find my way home 4:30
* 18 State of independence 4:59
Total playing time 76:23

Note: Odyssey has been released with two slightly different track listings. The USA / UK version: Track 14 "Alpha" (without "Anthem - Fifa world cup 2002").

* Lyrics by Jon Anderson.
**Lyrics by Guy Protheroe. Its "word painting"
All music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.

Lyrics of "I'll find my way home" and "State of independence" taken from sleeve of LP: The friends of Mr Cairo.
Lyrics of "Conquest of paradise"  transcribed from the book: "Vangelis, the unknown man (Mark J.T. Griffin). Lyrics not available on sleeve or in booklet.

All tracks digital remastered.

"Pulstar" from the album: Albedo 0.39 (1976)
"Hymn" from the album: Opera sauvage (1979)
"Main theme from Chariots of fire" from the album: Chariots of fire (1981)
"Main theme from Missing" from the album: Themes (1989)
"Love theme from Blader runner" from the album: Blade runner (1989)
"End titles from Blader runner" from the album: Blade runner (1989)
"The tao of love"  from the album: China (1979)
"Mani theme from Antarctica" from the album: Antarctica (1983)
"Main theme from Cavafy"  Previously unreleased
"Opening titles from Mutiny of the Bounty" from the album: Themes (1989)
"Conquest of paradise" from the album: 1492 (1992) [featuring the English Chamber Choir, conducted by Guy Protheroe]
"La petite fille de la mer" from the album: L' apocalypse des animaux (1973)
"L'enfant" from the album: Opera sauvage (1979)
"Anthem - Fifa world cup 2002" from the single: 2002 FIFA World Cup Official Anthem
"Celtic dawn" New composition
"Movement 1 from Mythodea" from the album: Mythodea (2001) [featuring the London Metropolitan Orchestra 
 & The National Opera Choir of Greece, conducted by Blake Neely]
"I'll find my way home" from the album: The friends of Mr Cairo (1981)
"State of independence" from the album: The friends of Mr Cairo (1981)


Universal 06024 981 191-0 (5) (EU countries) 2003
Universal 06024 9813149 7 (UK) 2003
HIP-O (Universal) B0001427-02 (USA) 2003 
Other areas outside of the EU: 06024 981 241-2 (3) 2003


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