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Vangelis: Beaubourg

1   Beaubourg part Il    17:50        Cover from the Vangelis album: Beaubourg
2 Beaubourg part II 20:43
Total playing time 38:37

Composed, arranged, performed and produced by Vangelis.
Recording engineer: Keith Spencer-Allen
Assistant engineer: Marlis Duncklau
Recorded at Nemo Studios London, England, 1978

Sleeve design: Vangelis
Photography: Veronique Skawinska


RCA KYL1-0455 (Canada) 1982
RCA PL 25155 (France) 1978
Polydor 2421 123 (Greece) 1978
RCA RVP-6312 (Japan) 1978
RCA 38 638 (South Africa) 1978
RCA PL 25155 (Spain) 1978
RCA PL 25155 (UK) 1978 [green cover]
Fame/EMI FA3168 (UK) reissue
RCA AFL1-3020 (USA) 1978 [different cover]
RCA AYL1-4387 (USA) reissue

RCA ND70010 (W Germany)
RCA BVCP-5027 (Japan)
RCA / BMG BVCM-37681 (Papersleeve collection: 24 bit mastering) (Japan) 2006
Windham Hill 01934-11235-2 (USA) 1997

Esoteric Recordings / Cherry Red Records: ECLEC 2424 (UK) 2013 (Remastered edition)

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