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Vangelis lyrics - Blade runner Trilogy: 25th anniversary lyrics  Vangelis discography: Blade runner trilogy: 25th anniversary

Disc 1: Blade Runner Original Soundtrack Album:

1   Main Titles 3:42        Cover from Vangelis CD-box: Blade runner trilogy: 25th anniversary
2 Blush Response 5:47
3 Wait For Me 5:27
* 4 Rachel's Song 4:46
* 5 Love Theme 4:56
6 One More Kiss, Dear 3:58
* 7 Blade Runner Blues 8:53
* 8 Memories Of Green 5:05
9 Tales Of The Future 4:46
* 10 Damask Rose 2:32
* 11 Blade Runner (End Titles) 4:40
12 Tears In Rain 3:00
Total playing time 57:31

* = instrumental

All music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.
Engineered by Raine Shine, Frederick Rousseau and philippe Colonna
Original soundtrack of the film "Blader runner".
Director: Ridley Scott.
Recorded at Nemo Studios London

"Rachel's song" performed by Mary Hopkin.
"One more kiss, dear" performed by Don Percival (lyrics by: Peter Skellern.)
"Tales of the future" performed by Demis Roussos.

Disc 2: This Cd consists of music in the film Blade Runner but not on the soundtrack album (Previously Unreleased and Bonus Material)

1   Longing    1:58        Booklet: Blade runner trilogy: 25th anniversary
2 Unveiled Twinkling Space 1:59
3 Dr. Tyrell’s Owl 2:40
4 At Mr. Chew’s 4:47
5 Leo’s Room 2:21
6 One Alone (bonus track) 2:23
7 Deckard And Roy’s Duel 6:16
8 Dr. Tyrell’s Death 3:11
9 Desolation Path (bonus track) 5:45
10 Empty Streets 6:16
11 Mechanical Dolls 2:52
12 Fading Away 3:32
Total playing time 44:00

All music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.
Assistant sound production and mixing: Frederick Rousseau.
Sound engineers: Raine Shine & Frederick Rousseau.
Assistant sound engineer: Vangelis Saitis.

Disc 3: BR25: An album of new music composed by Vangelis for Blade Runner's 25th anniversary

1   Launch Approval    1:54         
2 Up and Running 3:09
* 3 Mail From India 3:27
4 BR Downtown 2:27
5 Dimitri’s Bar 3:52
* 6 Sweet Solitude 6:56
7 No Expectation Boulevard 6:41
8 Vadavarot 4:14
9 Perfume Exotico 5:19
10 Spotkanie Z Matką 5:09
* 11 Piano In An Empty Room 3:37
12 Keep Asking 1:29
Total playing time 48:18

* = instrumental

  • "Launch Approval": Spoken word: Scott Bolton, Bryce Bolton
  • "Up and Running": Spoken word: Sir Ridley Scott
  • "Mail From India": Ney: C. Lambrakis
  • "BR Downtown": Spoken word: Bruno Delaye (Ambassador of France to Spain), Oliver Stone, Akiko Ebi, Cherry Vanilla
  • "Dimitri’s Bar": Spoken word: Akiko Ebi, Oliver Stone, Saxophone: Dimitris Tsakas
  • "Sweet Solitude": Saxophone: Dimitris Tsakas
  • "No Expectation Boulevard": Spoken word: Rutger Hauer, Wes Studi, Bhaskar Balakrishnan (Executive Director of the Asian Heritage Foundation), Shobhana Balakrishnan, Laura Metaxa, Sir Ridley Scott, Zhao Yali (Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Cyprus)
  • "Vadavarot": Spoken word: Irina Valentinova, Florencia Suayan Tacod
  • "Perfume Exotico": Spoken word: Edward James Olmos
  • "Spotkanie Z Matką": Spoken word: Roman Polanski reciting excerpts from the poem "Spotkanie z Matką" by Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski
  • "Keep Asking": Spoken word: Bryce Bolton

All music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.
Assistant sound production and mixing: Frederick Rousseau.
Sound engineers: Frederick Rousseau, Philippe Colonna.
Assistant sound engineer: Vangelis Saitis.


Disc 1: Blade Runner Original Soundtrack Album:

Main titles lyrics

"Enhance 34 to 46"

"Pull back"

"Wait a minute ... go right"


"Enhance 57, 19"
"track 45 left"


"Enhance 15 to 23"

"Gimme a hard-copy right there"


Blush response lyrics

"Do you like our owl?"

"Is it artificial?"

"Of course it is"

"Must be expensive"


"I'm Rachel"


"Its seems you feel our work is not a benefit to the public"

"Replicants are like any other machines"

"They are either a benefit or a hazard"

"If they're a benefit, it's not my problem"

"May I ask you a personal question?"


"Have you ever retired a human, by mistake?"

"but in your position that is a risk"

"Is this to be an empathy test?"

"Capilary dilation of the so called blush response"
"... fluctuation of the pupil"
"Involuntary dilation of the iris"

"We call it Voight-Kampf for short"
[note: named after the people who developed this test]

"Mr. Deckard, Dr. Elden Tyrell"

"Demonstrate it. I want to see it work"

"Were is the subject?"

"I want to see it work on a person"
"I want to see a negative before I provide you with a positive"

"What's that gonna prove?"

"Indulge me"

[Deckard:] "on you?"

"Try her"


Wait for me lyrics



"Do you have those files on me?"

"The incept date"

"The longevity"
"Those things, you saw them?"


"What if I go north?"

"Would you come after me?"

"Hunt me?"


One more kiss, dear lyrics

One more kiss, dear
One more sigh
Only this, dear
It's goodbye
For our love is such pain
And such pleasure
And I'll treasure till I die
So for now, dear
Aurevoir, madame

But I'm how-d'ye, not farewell
For in time we may have a love's glory
Our love story to tell

Just as every autumn
Leaves fall from the tree
Tumble to the ground and die
So in the springtime
Like sweet memories
They will return as will I

Like the sun, dear
Upon high
We'll return, dear
To the sky
And we'll banish the pain and the sorrow
Until tomorrow goodbye

One more kiss, dear
One more sigh
Only this, dear
Is goodbye
For our love is such passion
Such pleasure
I'll treasure till I die

Like the sun, dear
Upon high
We'll return, dear
To the sky
And we'll banish the pain and the sorrow
Until tomorrow goodbye


Tales of the future lyrics *

ibal lahl arou-sah om-yah-lee
yah al-bil kou-rou-dil menyaah

is-bahl kou-tul - ham-mahn ou-saw
ahl-bi yam-mil kaw-lil laah
is-bahl ahl-bi im-mil mous-saw heenal - my-dil
has-bi kaw-lahl arah-baw heena yas'a-lou-na il 'araw-til - eehl laah

fis-'ahm mil kaw-waah-reeh yaah
mi-'aa-nihl kou-laah- aah - leeh - aah
Ay-nah ou-saw kooh nahn min kah-rah-baw
has-di khamf 'alah ay-nahl musam-meh il-lah tou-lihl  kah-reeb

has-dihl kou-toh ub-beehl ul-ou-saw
wah oul-leel-arah-baw   -  wah oul-leel-arah-baw   - wah oul-leel-
yaa hub-bi al-mas-daw-nih   ah-naay as-dee lil-kou-ral     yaah

mis-'aal bar'oun-nih
ya 'es-ta-khal-lahl 'am-duh uhm-mee  a-raah kah - yum-mi yam-mah
as-dee naa-bi yam-mah - al-kharou-si yam-ma

as-ta-wou lee il-lee yam-mah li-laah
uk-rou 'ou-lee il-oh-daah daw-wah

oul-lee ya ahl-bi **
oul-lee ya um-mee
oul-lee ya sa-hib


* Note:
The lyrics are spoken in Arabic with an Egyptian accent (Demis was raised in Egypt as a child)
Most of the words however are gibberish and sometimes almost resemble other Arabic words but they are altered and arranged differently so they sound meaningless. 
Listening to the lyrics as whole does not built into a story and there is little sense trying to make sense of it.
At the end of there is a little passage where it does convey two meaningful sentences

** the translation:
Tell me my dear?
Tell me my mother?


Arabic lyrics

Tales of the future (gif file)


Tears in rain lyrics

"I've seen things, you people wouldn't believe, hmmm.
... attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
I've watched C Beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate.
All those moments, will be lost in time like tears in rain..."
["... time to die ..."]



Disc 3:  BR25: An album of new music composed by Vangelis for Blade Runner's 25th anniversary:

Launch approval lyrics

[Baby] ....

"Saluti" (= Hi!)

"A tutti ...."(= to everybody) .......


[More baby]...

Scott Bolton:
"Do you read? Contact information to... ground Control.
We're entering [height B]

First quadrant, Meteor shower, second quadrant
Cometary bombardment."

Bryce Bolton:
"1. 2. 3. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9..."

Scott Bolton:
"Computer system A 5, Up and Running
Indication trough advanced system A-okey."

Bryce Bolton:

Scott Bolton:
"Mission operation.
Launch approval.
Launch Approval.
Launch Approval.
Launch Approval.
Launch approval...."


Up and running lyrics

Don Percival:
One more kiss, dear, kiss dear
kiss dear, kiss dear

One more kiss, dear, kiss dear
kiss dear, kiss dear
kiss dear
kiss dear


One more kiss, dear, kiss dear
kiss dear, kiss
One more kiss, dear, kiss dear
kiss dear, kiss dear
kiss dear, kiss dear
kiss dear......

Ridley Scott:
"Ridley Signing off...
Ridley Signing off...
Ridley Signing off...
Ridley Signing off...
Ridley Signing off...
Ridley Signing off...
Ridley Signing off..."


BR downtown lyrics

  English translation
Bruno Delaye:
"La science-fiction, c'est l'une des meilleures façons de parler du
présent. ça montre les possibles dérèglements de l'histoire, les
possibles dérèglements de l'humanit (... ??? ...) sortir un tout petit
peu de la réalité."

Akiko Ebi: *
Kombanwa minasan. Girisha no minasan, kombanwa.
Ehtto, ima wa watakushi ga, eh, France no [inaudible] tte tokoro ni orimasu ga,
Nh, Tokyo kara yatte kimashita.
Tto, sorede, eh, ano, kyo wa sakihodo ongakukai wo kikimashita keredomo,
Burajiru no sakkyokuka ga, ntto, gassho to ...[broken off]

Oliver Stone:
 "... know what I'm saying?
It's a good experiment, you know?
I know you don't like to go out in the morning.
So you don't go out and see the streets, but...
No.. You - You don't go out in the morning! You go out at night. Late night!

Y'know, It's a challenge, don't you think?
 It's a challenge to walk down the sidewalk in Los Angeles.
It's much harder in Los Angeles than it is in Athens."

Cherry Vanilla:
"Where are you?
Are you listening?
I, I don't hear any communication on this thing.
Ground control to Major Tom! I'm calling, it's Cherry!
Do you copy?"

Oliver Stone:
"Even though that I'm in a town, I have no expectation that anyone will talk to me or even... be interested in me, or not turn on me and attack me, ugh!
I have no expectation of kindness from anyone. In fact in earn.. [broken off]......."

"Science-fiction, it's one of the best ways to talk about the future. It shows
the possible troubles of history. The possible troubles of humanity (...
inaudible ...) escape a little bit from reality"

Good evening everyone. Everyone in Greece, good evening.
Eh, now, I am at [inaudible] in France,
Nh, I've come from Tokyo.
And, well, eh, ah, Today I've attended a concert,
A composer of Brazil, nh, chorus and...[broken off]

*  Normally Japanese speak word "France" as "Furansu". However, Akiko pronounced it like French native speaker.
So, I put not Furansu but France.
Girisha is Greece, Burajiru is Brazil. Akiko pronounced both of them by Japanese-style. Kombanwa is also spelt Konbanwa.


Dimitri's bar lyrics

  English translation
Akiko Ebi:
Kombanwa minasan. Girisha no minasan, kombanwa.
Ehtto, ima wa watakushi ga, eh, France no [inaudible] tte tokoro ni orimasu [broken off]


Oliver Stone:
"It can get very lonely out there.
Also very isolated. I think isolation is available everywhere.
In the icebox, in the home, in your minds.
All the time.
You can make isolation into loneliness and make yourself, I think more miserable.
But I think isolation can lead to solitude.
And solitude could be also very powerful positive an emotion and thought that - and feeling! - that takes you to another state."

Good evening everyone. Everyone in Greece, good evening.
Eh, now, I am at [inaudible] in France
[broken off]


No expectation Boulevard lyrics

  English translation


Rutger Hauer:
"Ik heb dingen gezien.
Ik heb dingen gezien die geen mens heeft kunnen dromen.
Aanvalsschepen, brandend op de schouder van Orion.
Ik zag C-stralen schitteren, vlak bij de Tannhauser poort.
Momenten om te zien verdwijnen, als tranen in de regen
Tijd verloren, tijd om dood te gaan."

"Ich habe Dingen gesehen...
Ich habe Dingen gesehen, [die] kein Mensch mir glaubt.
Uh... Uh... Uh...."




Laura Metaxa:
[in Greek]

Ridley Scott:
"Uh, Vangelis?
A message from outer space.
This is from Ridley.
I'm 25 years away. And here we are, talking about the same subject that was reborn in October or November this year. and uh..  I'm afraid we don't see each other more often...
Maybe our [spaceships will finally] come together in the near future. Hopefully that could happen.
This is Ridley signing off, and I hope [you'll eventually] will pick me up...
bye bye.."

Zhao Yali:*
白日依山盡 [Bi r yī shān jn],
黃河入海流 [Hungh r hǎi li].
欲窮千里目 [Y qing qiān lǐ m],
更上一層樓 [Gng shng yī cng lu].


I've Seen things.
I've seen things no human could have dreamed of.
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
I saw C beams glitter, near Tannhauser gate.
Moments to see disappear, like tears in Rain.
Time has been lost, time to die

"I've seen things...
I've seen things that people wouldn't  believe
Uh... Uh... Uh...."




...Police... law, we sew... we turn...90 degrees(???)...diameter...
111... 107... 114... 120... 127... 144...





The midday sun slips behind mountains
The Yellow River turns for the sea
Trying to see for a thousand miles
I climb one more story

* Poem "Climbing White Stork Tower" by Wang Zhihuan [Wang Tsu-huan] (688-744); English translation: Red Pine-Bill Porter.


Vadavarot lyrics *

  Russian transliteration English translation
Irina Valentinova:
Свободный дух прикованного тела -
Это водоворот

Говорящий попугай
Юный бездельник
Украшение запястья
Очень красиво...

Огненный драгоценный камень -
Шедевр Леонардо да Винчи
Пряное растение
Кромешная тьма ночи
Один красный драгоценный камень
Очень красиво...

Необитаемая далекая земля...
Очень далекая земля
Сладкий вязкий со вкусом орехов...

Svobodnyy dukh prikovannogo tela -
Eto vodovorot

Govoryashchiy popugay
Yunyy bezdel'nik
Ukrasheniye zapyast'ya
Ochen' krasivo...

Ognennyy dragotsennyy kamen' -
Shedevr Leonardo da Vinchi
Pryanoye rasteniye
Kromeshnaya t'ma nochi
Odin krasnyy dragotsennyy kamen'
Ochen' krasivo...

Neobitayemaya dalekaya zemlya...
Ochen' dalekaya zemlya
Sladkiy vyazkiy so vkusom orekhov...

"Free spirit of chained body -
it's a whirlpool,

"Talking parrot -
young idler,
adornment of the wrist.
Very beautiful..."

"Fiery gem -
masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci.
Spicy plant,
pitch-darkness of the night,
one red gem.
Very beautiful..."

"Uninhabited faraway land...
Very far away land.
Sweet, viscous, with the taste of nuts...

[Voice fades away]

*  It should be transcribed as "vodovorot"; "voda" - "water" in Russian, title is transcribed as Irina Valentinova pronouncing the word. It is free flowing meditative rhythmic phrases, which should bring associations to the imagination of the listener.


Perfume exotico lyrics

  English translation
Edward James Olmos:
"Más querida
más que cualquier otra cosa...

hasta que uno entiende bien...

Ah, esta vida
que vida tan más bella,
la cosa más bonita
que tengo en esta vida
es el amor

Amor por la vida
amor por otros
y amor por uno mismo


"Most cherished,
more than anything else...

until you get to understand well...

Ah, this life
what a so very beautiful life,
the most beautiful thing
I have in this life
is love

Love for life
love for others
and love for oneself



Spotkanie Z Matka (Meeting mother) lyrics

  English translation
Roman Polanski:
"Ona mi pierwsza pokazała księżyc
i pierwszy śnieg na świerkach,
i pierwszy deszcz.

Byłem wtedy mały jak muszelka,
a czarna suknia matki szumiała jak Morze Czarne.


Dopala się nafta w lampce.
Lamentuje nad uchem komar.
Może to ty, matko, na niebie
jesteś tymi gwiazdami kilkoma?

Albo na jeziorze żaglem białym?
Albo fala w brzegi pochyłe?
Może twoje dłonie posypały
mj manuskrypt gwiaździstym pyłem?"


"Rozświeciły się świeceniem wielkim
chmury, dziuple, żołędzie i sęki --
jakby cały świat był srebrnym świerkiem,
srebrnym bąkiem grającym piosenki.

Listki drżeć zaczynają,
ptaki w ton uderzają


"Świeczki takie kupowała mama,
One drzemią. W nich śpi piękny zamiar.

Tylko rozwiń je i tylko zapal,
a zobaczysz, co z tego wyniknie:
w świeczkach błyśnie drogiej twarzy owal.
Matka palec wzniesie. Wiatr ucichnie.

Matkę w ręce ucałuj i włosy,
potem śniegu po uliczkach rozsyp,
żeby błyskał się i żeby chrzęścił

Potem wszystkie światła, co migocą,"

"She was the first who showed me the moon
and the first snow on the spruces,
and the first rain.

Back then, I was as little as a tiny seashell,
and mother's black skirt rustling sounded like the Black Sea.

A night.

The oil in the lamp is burning out.
A mosquito laments around my ear.
Maybe it is you, mother, in the sky,
is it you, this trickle of stars?

Or the white sail on the lake?
Or a wave against the sloping shore?
Perhaps your hands have sprinkled
my manuscript with stardust?"


"The clouds, hollows, acorns and knots
have lighted up with great glare -
as if the whole world was a silver spruce,
a silver bittern singing songs.

The leafs begin to rustle,
the birds start singing,"


"My mother used to buy such candles,
They are dozing.  A nice intention is dwelling in them.

Just arrange them and light them,
and see what goes out of them:
a precious, rounded face gleam in the candles.
Mother raises a finger. The wind will die away.

Kiss mother's hands and hair
then sprinkle the snow on the alley ways,
so it twinkles and crunches.

Then all the twinkling lights..."

Note: For the complete poem, see:

Keep asking lyrics

Bryce Bolton:
Where did all asteroids come from?
Where did the asteroid belt come from?

Where did the red spot of Jupiter come from?

Why is there so much clouds... on the planet?

Who are we?

Where're we going?

How did we get here?
And where did God come from?

How're we doing, Vangelis?



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