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At this site you will find most of the lyrics of the songs of Vangelis and of Vangelis collaborating with other artists.

Lyrics of music by Vangelis: Vangelis solo albums lyrics

Here are the lyrics of the solo albums of VANGELIS (listed from old to new):

Blue ball 1972: Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit lyrics
Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit (English translation)
Blue ball 1973: Earth lyrics
Blue ball 1975: Heaven and Hell lyrics
Blue ball 1976: Albedo 0.39 lyrics
Blue ball 1979: China lyrics
Blue ball 1980: See you later lyrics
Blue ball 1981: Chariots of fire lyrics
Blue ball 1985: Mask lyrics
Blue ball 1988: Direct lyrics
Blue ball 1990: The city lyrics
Blue ball 1992: 1492 conquest of paradise lyrics
Blue ball 1994: Blade runner lyrics
Blue ball 1995: Voices lyrics
Blue ball 1996: Portraits (so long ago so clear) lyrics
Blue ball 1999: Reprise 1990 - 1999 lyrics
Vangelis album: Mythodea lyrics 2001: Mythodea lyrics
Blue ball 2003: Odyssey The definitive collection lyrics

Blue ball 2007: Blade runner trilogy: 25th anniversary lyrics
Blue ball 2007: El Greco - OST lyrics
Blue ball 2012: Chariots of fire - the play lyrics
Blue ball 2012: The collection lyrics
Blue ball 2021: Juno to Jupiter

Vangelis singles lyrics

Blue ball 1979: The long march Pt. II lyrics

Vangelis Rarities lyrics

Blue ball 1980: See you later outtakes lyrics

Blue ball 2018: The Stephen Hawking tribute lyrics


Blue ball The "666" story page Important background information about the Aphrodite's Child album: "666"

All other Lyrics of music by Vangelis: collaborations (Aphrodite's Child, Jon Anderson, Demis Roussos, Milva, Irene Papas and many more!)

Help with lyrics

Blue ball Wanted Vangelis lyrics list (help)

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